Mana Gathering

Magic: the Gathering


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Bucolic Ranch Captivating Cave Conduit Pylons
Spend only on mounts Pay 1 to filter Pay 1 to filter

Crystal Grotto Edgewall Inn Hall of Tagsin
Pay 1 mana Choose a color when played Pay 1 mana

Mech Hangar Mirage Mesa Pit of Offerings
Spend only on pilot and vehicle spells One of the chosen color Colors of cards exiled from graveyard

Plaza of Heroes Public Thoroughfare Scene of the Crime
Legendary spells or color of legend you control Sac unles you tap an untapped artifact or land Tap an untapped creature you control

Secluded Courtyard Sunken Citadel Tarnation Vista
Choose a creature type, spend only on spells or abilities of chosen type One of the chosen color, two for land abilities One of the chosen color, pay 1 for mana for each color permanent you control

The Mycosynth Gardens The Seedcore Thran Portal
Pay 1 mana Spend only on Phyrexian creatures Choose basic land type when played, pay 1 life

Uncharted Haven Voldaren Estate
Choose a color when played Pay 1 life, spend only on vampire spells

One-shot multicolor

1 mana of any color only on the turn it was played

Honorable Mentions

Evolving Wilds Field of Ruin Terramorphic Expanse