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Tri Cycle Land Sac Fetch Land
Standard legal Standard legal
Ziatora's Proving Ground Riveteers Overlook
Tri Land Tri Fetch Land
Modern legal Modern legal
Savage Lands Jund Panorama
Tri Lair Land Invasion Tri Land Homeland Tri Land
Legacy, Vintage,
Commander legal
Legacy, Vintage,
Commander legal
Legacy, Vintage,
Commander legal
Darigaaz's Caldera Geothermal Crevice Koskun Keep

Red / Green Lands Black / Green Lands Black / Red Lands


Gain Lands
Rugged Highlands Jungle Hollow Bloodfell Caves

Fast Lands
Copperline Gorge Blooming Marsh Blackcleave Cliffs

Pain Lands
Karplusan Forest Llanowar Wastes Sulfurous Springs

Fetchable Tapped Lands
Wooded Ridgeline Haunted Mire Geothermal Bog

Slow Lands
Rockfall Vale Deathcap Glade Haunted Ridge

Sac Draw Lands
Racers' Ring Tramway Station

Creature Lands
Restless Ridgeline Restless Cottage Restless Vents

Surveil Lands
Commercial District Underground Mortuary Raucous Theater

Desert Pingers
Bristling Backwoods Festering Gulch Jagged Barrens


Reveal Lands
Game Trail Necroblossom Snarl Foreboding Ruins

Kaldheim Snow Lands
Highland Forest Woodland Chasm Sulfurous Mire

Scry Lands
Temple of Abandon Temple of Malady Temple of Malice

Shock Lands
Stomping Ground Overgrown Tomb Blood Crypt

Gruul Guildgate Golgari Guildgate Rakdos Guildgate

Check Lands
Rootbound Crag Woodland Cemetery Dragonskull Summit

Generic Tapped Lands
Timber Gorge Foul Orchard Cinder Barrens

Strixhaven Campus Bi-Cycle Lands
Witherbloom Campus Sheltered Thicket Canyon Slough

Tango Lands
Cinder Glade Smoldering Marsh

Creature Lands
Raging Ravine Hissing Quagmire Lavaclaw Reaches

Pathways (MDFC Lands)
Cragcrown Pathway Darkbore Pathway Blightstep Pathway

Timbercrown Pathway Slitherbore Pathway Searstep Pathway

Transform Land
Front Back
Journey to Eternity Atzal, Cave of Eternity


Fetch Lands
Wooded Foothills Verdant Catacombs Bloodstained Mire

Artifact Lands
Slagwoods Bridge Darkmoss Bridge Drossforge Bridge

Unique Dual Land Horizon Land
Mount Doom Nurturing Peatland

Creature Lands
Raging Ravine Hissing Quagmire Lavaclaw Reaches

Filter Lands
Fire-Lit Thicket Twilight Mire Graven Cairns

Bounce Lands
Gruul Turf Golgari Rot Farm Rakdos Carnarium

Kazandu Refuge Akoum Refuge

Tribal Lands
Gilt-Leaf Palace Auntie's Hovel

Future Shifted Lands
Grove of the Burnwillows Graven Cairns

Storage Lands
Fungal Reaches Molten Slagheap

Coldsnap Snow Lands
Highland Weald Tresserhorn Sinks

Kamigawa Lands
Pinecrest Ridge Lantern-Lit Graveyard

Invasion Tapped Lands
Shivan Oasis Urborg Volcano

Legacy, Vintage, and Commander

Battlebond Lands
Spire Garden Undergrowth Stadium Luxury Suite

Tainted Lands
Tainted Wood Tainted Peak

Odyssey Filter Lands
Mossfire Valley Viridescent Bog Shadowblood Ridge

Tempest Slow Untap Lands Tempest Slow Pain Land
Mogg Hollows Cinder Marsh Pine Barrens

Slow Fetch Lands
Mountain Valley Rocky Tar Pit

Deplete Lands
Timberline Ridge Lava Tubes

True Duals
Taiga Bayou Badlands

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